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All consultations are carried out by Cristina Leite, PharmD MsC

What To Expect

At Prevention Lab, we understand health not just as absence of disease, but as a balance between work, rest and leisure, which manifests itself in physical, mental and spiritual wellness.
Our appointments are oriented towards a 360º approach to your health.

First Appointment

In your first appointment, which lasts about 1 hour, we assess your current situation, considering your medical history and your lifestyle (eating habits, physical exercise, sleep pattern, among others).

We identify the main points of imbalance and act to improve your current state.

We combine knowledge in preventive medicine and neurobiology, phytotherapy, aromatherapy and orthomolecular medicine to develop a plan specifically designed for you, in order to ensure that you reach your intended goals.


Subsequent Appointments

Depending on the initial assessment, we may recommend a more oriented follow-up to a specific situation. We have four programs available: StressLAB, SleepLAB, LongevityLAB ou MaternityLAB.



Lifestyle Assessment + Personalized Report+ coaching session 30min


Also Available: stress profile test, neurotransmitter panel, diagnosis of vitamin and mineral deficiency, gut-microbiome analysis and biological age assessment.


You can request an appointment by video call.

Our Programs

We offer four distinct specific programs, focused on stress management, sleep optimization, healthy longevity, and on women’s health (pre-conception, gestational or postpartum period).





Stress LAB

Integral Stress Management

Daily demands are huge. How to set priorities?

The boundary between working hours and leisure time is increasingly blurred.
We need to find time to exercise.
Family is a priority. We need time to socialize and be with those we love…time is not enough for everything.


“ The Life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence.”

Norman Vincent Peale

Efficiency, productivity, resilience.
A healthier and happier life. Are these your goals?

Our body has an extraordinary capacity for adaptation, being able to function at an optimal level, compensating overloads, for a long period of time. However, as time goes by, there are warning signs that we often ignore. We think that by cutting back on the hours of sleep and rest we can make up for them later…In the long term, body´s regulatory mechanisms are not enough to recover this wear, creating changes in homeostasis (physiological balance), manifesting in different ways: exhaustion, physical diseases, sleep disorders, burnout, hormonal imbalance, decline cognitive impairment, decreased performance, etc.

We have reached a lifestyle with too much burden on everything.

Over time, physiological changes may appear, being the cause of some chronic diseases.



Together, we will assess your immediate needs and your long-term goals. To design an effective plan, we need to consider all the factors that affect your wellness. Lifestyle Assessment will provide personal data that allows an accurate assessment of your current situation, motivating change.

At Prevention Lab we recognize that goals must be well defined, easily achievable, quantifiable and meaningful, so you can stay motivated all the way. We are here to help you on your life path.

We are here to make this journey with you.


Sleep Optimization Appointment

The foundation of your Health and Wellness: Sleep.

Waking up after a good night of sleep is one of the best feelings we can have.

Sleep is the basis of our inner balance and is a fundamental pillar of our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Sleeping is not the opposite of being awake. It is a state through which we recover and repair our body. There is no organ in the body, nor any brain process that is not optimized by sleep.

It is crucial for longevity, activating your body’s recovery, performing important brain functions such as memory consolidation, learning enhancement or emotional regulation.

“Sleep is the foundation of your well-being. It is during sleep and in its different phases that the body-brain recovers, recovers and rebuilds.”


Optimizing sleep is essential for improving your body’s wellbeing and recovery.

Your day-to-day responsibilities, uncertainties about the future, daily stress as well as work and family dynamics can affect your balance. Your body doesn’t shut down and a chronic stress state can make your sleep problems worse.

Over the last 100 years we’ve lost about 20% of our sleep hours.

Science is categorical: few hours of sleep decreases life expectancy.

What is your relationship with sleep?

Sleep disturbances are more usual than you think. Sleep deprivation states, too. The effects on your health go beyond what you can imagine.

How we sleep determines our mental and physical health, not just the next morning, but for years to come.


Through a holistic approach, we diagnose the current situation in order to find the right strategy for you.

We measure your HRV through Lifestyle Assessment to know your physiological reactions during sleep (quantity and quality of recover) and reactions of your autonomic nervous system throughout the night. This assessment also reveals how your lifestyle choices throughout your day impacts your night’s sleep.

Afterwards, we find solutions to optimize your sleep.

We improve your sleep hygene, with new pre-sleep and waking routines, improved light exposure and physical exercise , nutricional changes or with supplementation.

Sleep. Your Superpower.

If you have erratic sleep patterns, or sleep problems, at Prevention Lab you’ll find a comprehensive and personalized program, making sleep your new superpower.


Healthy aging

Increased lifespan is one of the greatest achievements of modern medicine.

The last century has seen a substantial increase in lifespan. However, the degree to which we, as individuals and society, can benefit from these additional years depends on a key factor: health.

Living a longer life is not always synonymous with optimal health.

Often, there is also a considerable increase in diseases associated with aging and its morbidities.


Healthy Aging is defined as the process of maintaining and improving functional capacity, with important and beneficial consequences for our wellbeing and quality of life.

Over the years, and from a metabolic point of view, optimal resilience as we age can be defined as the ability to maintain or achieve homeostasis. Always in constantly changing environments, responding to a wide range of stressors, it is important to have the capacity to adapt.

And to stay healthy in an environment of constant change, we need a high degree of flexibility and plasticity, as our bodies need to adjust to different processes.

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how”

Friedrich Nietzsche

For a life with more joy, health and vitality

Research in the area of healthy aging has been identifying risk factors that impact health and quality of life, revealing effective and acceptable interventions to develop it.

Our goal is to prevent premature aging and stimulate natural processes and metabolic systems involved.

The Longevity Lab consultationprovides answers to optimize and decrease personal risk factors critical for a longer and healthier life expectancy.



Pregnancy and the first few months after the birth of a baby are important transitions in a woman’s life, usually associated with altered patterns of reaction to stress and sleep disturbances. All this has an impact not only on a mother’s health, but also on her baby’s.

The daily stress that this new transition in her life represents, exhaustion and lack of sleep place women in a situation of less resilience and vulnerability.

FEEL strong and joyful again.
WHOLE, being sure of a NEW BALANCE

Pre-Conception Period

There is a consensus in the scientific community about the impact of psychosocial, cultural and environmental stressors experienced during pregnancy, on mother and fetus’ health.

During pregnancy, stress impacts the fetal brain development as well as its response pattern to stress in early life and adulthood.

Epigenetics is considered one of the most important mechanisms involved in the long-term effects of exposure to intrauterine stress, manifesting itself at the behavioral, psychological and immunological levels.

Recent studies suggest that prenatal stress can have consequences for up to three generations to come.

Postpartum Period

Postpartum fatigue syndrome corresponds to a set of symptoms that affect all spheres of the mother´s life after the baby is born. They result from physiological issues, hormonal changes and the interruption of the day/night circadian rhythm of the sleep cycle, in conjunction with psychological, mental and emotional components.


  • Nutrient loss resulting from conception, gestation and birth of the baby is enormous. Nutrient depletion continues and worsens beyond childbirth with breastfeeding;
  • Tiredness resulting from anxiety caused by the new phase in which new mothers are is aggravated by sleep deprivation;
  • The emotional impact resulting from the radical role change, often accompanied by social isolation, worsens fatigue

The Maternity Lab was created to help you in these important stages of your life.
Resilience results from the complex combination of different factors such as genetics, temperament, skills, past experiences, active social and family support, and social resources.


We will create a Health and Wellness plan so you can live these transition periods in a more serene and confident way, increasing your adaptability and optimizing your health.

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